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Patch Repair

We can patch repair or re-surface in full.


Patch Repair

We Can Either Patch Repair Or Resurface In Full:

  • Drives
  • Footpaths
  • Vehicular Crossings
  • Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Play grounds
  • All the above in either Red or Black tarmacadam



Over 35 Years’ Experience

Prior to lining works being undertaken many people find themselves with the dilemma of having to have their surface repaired. AWP has its own tarmac surfacing division and so, for you the customer, we offer the ideal solution as a one stop shop.

At AWP we are committed to offering a quality, competitive and affordable service, whether it be patch repair works prior to your line marking or even resurfacing the entire area. We work for many civil engineering companies, house builders and local authorities throughout the country.

All our staff hold the relevant certificates and licences enabling us to operate on all sites, with our in-house quantity surveyor, engineer and on hand architects we believe the service we offer is “second to none”.


There are many specifications for patch repairing a tarmacadam surface to identify the right specification we firstly need to look at the surface and identify one of the following.

1. Pot Holes

Pot holes can be caused by a number of issues but neither mean there is neccercelary a problem with the sub base (foundation). The common courses of pot holes are:
• Break down of the bitumen’s within the surface materials,
• The surface was never compacted properly when laid and was left with an open texture in places throughout the surface area,
• Damage to the surface backed with adverse weather conditions,
• Insufficient bitumen content within the material ( wrong material used for the job),

All the above tend to happen more in tight turning areas were people generally turn their steering wheel with the car in a stationary position, also on turning points throughout the surface like entrances to driveways, junctions etc.

2. Crazing

Crazing occurs when the surface is under too much stress and is generally caused by vehicles being too heavy for the tarmacadam specification used. The other reason behind crazing is one of insufficient sub-base (foundation) Sub base failure being the wrong type of sub-base used or even the wrong specification used for the surfaces intended usage.
• To identify crazing, its appearance is as it sounds, it looks like crazy paved image within the tarmac surface, multiple cracks in all directions.

3. Sinkage

Sinkage occurs when the wrong specification for the required usage is used; usually this is down to insufficient or incorrect sub base materials and is usually brought on through using vehicles which are too heavy for the design of surface build up.

Once we have diagnosed the problem we need to find the right specification to fix the problem, click the link below to visit out tarmacadam surfacing division’s web site to see the various itemised specifications we use to undertake all repair and surfacing works, also take time to view our training videos. AWP lining is a division of AWP construction and surfacing LTD specialising in the resurfacing of not only driveways and footpaths but roads and car parks too, see other specifications for various applications.